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My journey as an interim manager

I have worked my way up in the company hierarchy of several organizations before I decided to turn to interim management in 2022, and what a journey it has been...

The Past

20 years as a salaried employee in several companies

The Future

The coming 20 years as an independent interim manager?

The last 1,5 years

Over the past two decades, I’ve amassed a wealth of expertise spanning diverse sectors and organizational echelons – from overseeing teams as a supervisor to steering as a director, across international frontiers. Throughout my dynamic career journey, supply chain has remained my steadfast focal point, encompassing everything from seamless transportation and streamlined manufacturing to efficient logistics, agile inventory management, and procurement. Guiding multiple teams has always been my forte.

In 2022, I embarked on a new chapter as an interim manager, swiftly embarking on my second mission. This time, my expertise is immersed in the dynamic realm of IT, where I’m involved in the implementation and transformation of ERP systems.

My Assignments As An Interim Manager

2023 - Now
Change to SAP S4/Hana
2022 - 2023
BPO supply chain / Implementation of Oracle JD Edwards