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I exercise every day of the week. A healthy mind in a healthy body remember… But there is more to it!


My day starts at 4.45 AM. I wake up, have a glass of water and I’m of to the gym. Waking up rather early helps me in various ways. First of all, at least in my mind, the hardest thing I needed to do this day is already done and the remainder of the day will be easier.

Second of all, physically beating myself up early in the morning calms me down. It is like if the weights, barbells and dumbbels suck out the stress still hiding out in my body.

And third of all, getting up this early and going to the gym gives me a feeling of being ahead. While most other pleople are still sleeping, I’m already pumping iron.

Done by 6AM, shower and breakfast (2 whole eggs, 4 egg whites, 5 gr. of nuts) and of to work by 6.30 AM.

Cycling and MTB

My cycling hobby comprises two distinct parts: road cycling and mountain biking. Although both involve two wheels, these hobbies serve entirely different purposes for me, offering distinct experiences.

Road cycling allows me to contemplate various matters I need to address. I glide through my surroundings while strategizing the next steps in my professional life. This activity lets me appreciate the scenery, engage in thoughtful pondering, and enhance my fitness level. What a perfect combination!

Conversely, mountain biking serves as pure stress relief. There’s no room for contemplation here. It’s all about the ascent, with every ounce of energy focused on pushing those pedals like never before. My heart races at its peak as I conquer the muddy trail, reaching the summit. The descent that follows becomes a careful dance of balance, ensuring a safe descent while my heart continues its wild rhythm.


I’m not your typical long-distance runner; I find the 10km distance to be ideal. I aim to fit in three runs a week, while on other days, I strive to achieve my 10.000 steps. On weekends, I usually push for 20.000 steps, with a significant portion of those steps being running strides.

Similar to cycling, running provides me with a chance to clear my mind and reflect on the decisions I need to make—although these are what I call ‘medium impact’ decisions. During those roughly 30-minute runs, I tackle all the ‘medium impact’ choices for the day. This approach ensures heightened focus and remarkable efficiency in time management.

For my 10,000-step sessions, I keep my notes app at the ready, jotting down any thoughts that come to mind and making necessary phone calls. Surprisingly, this method proves to be a real time-saver, helping me keep my calls succinct and on point.